Greyhounds-Octopus- CC cameras for KCR meeting


Unpredent bundobust arrangements have been made for the meeting on September 2 to be addressed by K Chandrasekhar Rao the CM of Telangana here in Hyderabad. Ultramodern equipment with CC cameras has been mounted and a special command control is set up for monitoring the meeting on Septemeber. Greyhounds and Octopus police have been assigned the duty of protecting the venue and other inlets and outlets to the meeting.

KCR meeting

Nothing has been taken for the chance. Thousands of police have been deployed on all the routes. Minister KTR is inspecting the venue on daily basis and monitoring the situation. A special App has also been created to look into the goings on at the venue and other places. 15000 TVs have been installed to monitor the entire situation here at the meeting venue.

The public will have giant screens to watch KCR live at the venue also. On the other hand, the police have decided that there will be no drone cameras in the area due to high-security reasons. More than 20000 police are being deployed to monitor the meeting day. It is almost like the bundobust for the Ganesh Nimajjan procession.

KCR meeting

There is a chance that KCR the CM might land in a chopper at the Kongara Kalan grounds for the meeting to avoid traffic congestion here in Hyderabad. Meanwhile, the intelligence is keeping a vigil on the sensitive areas and unsocial elements to avoid disturbances.