Even before the megastar Chiranjeevi could announce the winner of Big Boss 3, Google with its search and voting process has indirectly announced that Rahul is the winner.

Rahul and Srimukhi are in the forefront to win the prestigious Big Boss 3 contest. The voting for the same is going to end this night. But the fans of Rahul are Maha thrilled that Google has mentioned the name of Rahul as the winner.

Perhaps Rahul’s name has come up in the survey conducted by Google. We do not know what is in store for Srimukhi Baba Bhaskar, Varun and others. 5 of them are remaining in the contest.

But the opinion polls on Google have given a clear mandate for Rahul. This could influence the voters to some extent it is reported. Big Boss has already entered 103 episodes and is ending on Sunday with the results. Chiranjeevi will be announcing the winner here in a grand gala function.


On Thursday the highlights of various episodes were aired on Big Boss 3 . Contestants Baba Bhaskar and Srimukhi were in tears after watching the old episodes that they have done.

Baba said that he was very fortunate to remain till the end along with the other 4 contestants. Srimukhi was also in tears. The audience have time to vote and they are confused over the announcement of Rahul as the winner by Google.