Good TRPs for KCR -Bandi Sanjay Press meets


K Chandrasekhar Rao the CM of Telangana is very angry against Bandi Sanjay and his statements. KCR is addressing media on daily basis and clarifying the people apart from challenging the BJP.

He told the media that there will be Lunch at the Pragathi Bhavan for the media and he is going to talk to them on daily basis. Bandi Sanjay and his team as usual are always dependent on the Press.

The people, in general, are enjoying the way the TRS and BJP leaders are challenging each other openly. We have to see as to what is in store for today from both the leaders.

Touch me you will not be there challenged KCR to Bandi Sanjay. We will send you to Jail said Bandi to KCR. All the channels are playing the press meets of BJP and TRS leaders live.

KCR who talked and shouted against the media is now trying to tame the media by praising them indirectly. We have to see how long this media war will continue between the two parties.

The next election will be between the TRS and the BJP. This is final. KCR is already gearing up for the coming elections.