Ghulam Nabi Azad is the talk of the town

Ghulam Nabi Azad

Politicians are busy talking about Ghulam Nabi the senior congress leader and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They are questioning as to what is cooking between the Congress leader and Prime Minister of India.

PM Modi praised Azad in the parliament and now Azad has started praising Modi openly. Azad said that he is politically against Narendra Modi, but personally respects him a lot.

He said that Modi is one person who has not forgotten his roots and still remembers that he was from a rural back ground and sold Chai for his living.

There are rumours that Modi will reward and recognise Azad in a big way and that will definitely distance Azad from Congress. This is one way of taking on the Congress party.

Modi has completed half of his work by praising Azad in parliament. Now all the media channels are giving the Azad account of praising Modi blow by blow.

The Congress will not expect this from Azad. If Congress does not recognise Azad, then BJP or the BJp Government will recognise Azad. It is a win -win situation for BJP an also Azad.

This comes as a severe blow for Congress as 5 states will go for election. Home Minister Amit Shah has declared that they are winning. Puducherry.t