Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today will be finishing the modalities for further easing the lockdown in Hyderabad and other districts of Telangana. But the Red zones in GHMC will be further restricted.

The Chief Minister is planning to add transport to the orange and green areas so that there will be ease of movement for the common man. The Red zones will, however, be further restricted so that the Corona will not spread to other areas.

Yesterday around 45 cases were added to Hyderabad tally.

The Corona cases are on the rise across the country and also in Hyderabad especially the GHMC area. Despite ain’t all the precautions in Hyderabad the case are on the rise in the GHMC area.

Some shops and establishments have already been opened in Hyderabad. But the night curfew is being implemented in a strict manner. TRSRTC, on the other hand, is reeling under losses.

Unless and until the transport opens up there is no way the development is going to sustain in Hyderabad. However, the IT companies are operating through work from home system.

Minister Srinivas Yadav and Mayor Bonthu Rammohan have been visiting he areas of GHMC to check the arrangements being done fo the lockdown.