Rana Daggubali the hero from South has made it big in the Bollywood with his movie the Ghazi Attack. The people are praising it as a different kind of movie and a bold move by the director and Hero.

The Eastern Naval Command at Visakhapatnam sends Lieutenant-Commander Arjun Varma ( Daggubati) along with Singh in order to keep him in check as the ship sails on a secret mission just before the 1971 India-Pakistan war breaks out.

Ghazi Attack is a different movie

Quite interestingly, Daggubati too is wonderfully restrained – a complete changeover from the kind of parts he has been playing so far. In addition, we also have an excellent performance from Atul Kulkarni, who as the executive officer,

Devraj, on board the submarine has the trying task of keeping peace between a brash and ready-to-torpedo-the Pakistani submarine (Ghazi) Singh and, Varma, the man told by his bosses to ensure that the Indian captain does not provoke a war.

Shot splendidly inside what looks like a real submarine, Ghazi has been mounted with a fair degree of authenticity and scripted quite impressively.

Admittedly, the film may not be comparable to some of Hollywood’s unforgettable war classics, like Von Ryan’s Express and Battle of the Bulge – just to name two. But given the kind of handicaps Indian cinema faces in terms of budget and special effects, Ghazi is remarkable in the way it presents some of the most tense moments when the Indian submarine hits a landmine planted by the Pakistani vessel.

Ghazi Attack is a different movie

Severely handicapped by loss of lives and injuries to the men aboard, S 21 finds itself in a desperate corner – when it can only move up or down and not forward or backward. And with Ghazi set to destroy S 21, by shooting several torpedoes, the Indian submarine very cleverly dodges the missiles to a point when the captain of the Pakistani vessel shouts in anger: Is that Indian captain a lift-man going up and down?

Great photography by Mathi, and lovely work by the special effects team propel Ghazi into death defying waters in a drama where the fear is clearly etched on the face of each Indian sailor. The audience have proved that they are changing and they encourage movies which are different and special.

Direction: Sankalp Reddy
Cast: Rana Daggubati, Om Puri, Nasser, Taapsee Pannu