Get ready for Ganesh Nimajjan- Shoba yatra

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The Hyderabad city is getting ready for the grand Shoba yatra of Ganesh idols on Sunday. The City Police commissioner Anjani Kumar and the GHMC commissioner Dana Kishore said that all out arrangements are being made for the Ganesh Nimajjan Shoba yatra here in the city on 23rd.

About 15000 police are being deployed all along the route to Tankbund and CC cameras in being arranged to monitor the procession from time to time. About 150 cranes are being utilised for the immersion procession at Tankbund and also at other temporary water sources in the city.

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Hundred of GHMC workers are in place to take care of sanitary work and also to lift the debris from the water so that the water pollution can be avoided. More than 70000 lights are being arranged en route to see that there is proper lighting for the people coming for the immersion procession in the form of Shoba Yatra. 15 boats are also being deployed in the Tank Bund waters so that they would be useful in case of any eventuality.

The Ganesh Utsav Samithi is also gearing up to arrange pandals for welcoming the people en- route. Thousands of Ganeshas would be participating in the Shoba Yatra or immersion procession. The Utsav Samithi has decided to mark the route with Saffron flags of the Utsav Samithi.