Get exposed to Sunlight -Stay healthy

sun light

Medical experts who have been doing extensive research on Covid conditions have discovered that the UV rays from the Sunlight can prevent the Coronavirus to a larger extent.

Staying at home will prevent us from Corona Virus, but getting exposed to the Sunlight can also help us from the Coronavirus. The UV rays and also the D vitamin from the Sunlight are very much useful in preventing the Coronavirus the medical experts reported.

So take a stroll under the Sun with a mask on for some time daily. This is good for everything. This helps the sugar patients and also the old people in keeping the bones stronger.

So people of all ages just go out in the Sun and take a stroll as if you are Sunbathing so that you can reduce the intensity of Corona. The virus survival has been less in the Sun exposed areas when compared to other areas.

When it comes to immunity from the virus, the doctors have suggested people eat Chikky made of Jaggery and Groundnut. Drumstick consumption regularly also develops immunity in the body.

Usage of Turmeric in curries will also help us to develop immunity from various viruses. So walking under the Sun from time to time is very important.