George Reddy movie Review


George Reddy the movie has almost met the expectations of the audience. The director has succeeded in Presenting the movie in a proper format without hurting the sentiments of others.

Sandeep has done well as George Reddy and the movie is worth watching. The movie starts with George inquiring about Bhagat Singh. The hero is equally good in sports and later he goes for High education where the real story starts and takes twists and turns.

George is not a selfish man and always fights for the cause of the oppressed and the depressed.

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The usage of Hindi for some dialogues has made some difference. The dialogues should have been more powerful in Telugu with some titles here and there in Hindi and English wherever required.

The director Jeevan Reddy has done a good job. If he has some very good hands with him, the movie would have better.The music by Suresh and camera work are Ok.

Overall it is a good movie and worth watching.

Starring:Madhav, Mahathi
Music: Suresh B
Director: Jeevan Reddy