Ganesh Nimajjan continues at Tank Bund

Ganesh Nimajjanam

More than 7000 Ganeshas including the Khairatabad Ganesh has been immersed in the Hussainsagar lake waters since yesterday. The Ganesh pandals have increased when compared to last year and the Nimajjan process is continuing. The police had a sigh of relief with Nimajjan almost coming to an end today without any untoward incidents.

DGP Mahendar Reddy complimented his staff for doing a good job. Now the GHMC is working since last night in cleaning the roads and clearing the debris in and around the Tankbund lake and other 35 points where the immersion was done.

The Khairatabad bada Ganesh was immersed in the lake waters in the afternoon and the police were happy that they could do it before noon and later most of the Ganeshas from across the city came for Nimajjan in a huge procession from Balapur to Tankbund.

Ganesh Nimajjan

It was a celebration in the city of Hyderabad and the traffic was diverted in some areas. Parking lots were arranged at several points for the people coming to witness the Shoba yatra of Ganeshas. This time large number of ladies came in for the immersion of Lord Ganesha and they danced at the Shoba yatra. They shouted slogans Ganapati Bappa Moriya- Agle baras Jaldi aa. Meaning -O Ganesha come early next year for the celebration.

This time the political Hungama was less during the procession. The Ganesh Utsav committee arranged the welcome pandals across the city and en route Shoba yatra. By noon the Nimajjan process would be completed said the officials who were supervising the Nimajjan at Tankbund.