Nithin Gadkari

Union Minister for Transport Nitin Gadkari has left the decision on new Motor Vehicle act and the fines to be decided by the State Governments. Let them decide he stated. Gadkari was of the opinion that hte new rules were for saving the lives of the innocents.

But as many as 10 states opposed hte new traffic rules and Challans in the country. Mamata didi refused to implement the Challans. Gujarat CM has reduced the fines on his own. KCR the CM from Telangana wanted a committee to look into the issue of hiked challans.

On the whole, the people are jittery and apprehensive about the new rules and they are worried to come out of their houses with the two-wheelers and also the four wheelers. Because the fines are running into thousands. It is better that the Governments first give a concession of around 50 per cent to clear of the dues first.

The fines are just awarded left and right with the click of cameras and owners of the vehicles do not know that they have to pay so much to the departments. There are several fines on the same route on the same day to the same vehicle which is very surprising and abnormal without the notice of the owner.

Now Gadkari has called the meeting of the Chief Ministers to decide on the future course of action about the fines for the vehicles.

So it is better for the Governments to be realistic and create awareness before clamping down the rules on the vehicle owners. There are instances where the two-wheeler owners have just burnt the vehicles on the roads unable to pay the fines. Gadkari must note that more than 10 states are opposing the new set of rules being implemented by the centre and imposed on the states.