Full Lockdown yes and NO!


The Medical experts say Lockdown is the only way we can stop this Corona Virus. AIIMS chief also suggested Lockdown.

But our Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Lockdown should be the last option and that too left to the discretion of the State Governments.

Some Governments are already implementing the Lockdown and some are doing the partial lockdown. AP Government has imposed a curfew from half-day.

Telangana Government said no to Lockdown and considering lockdown at the weekends.

Biden’s medical expert, Anthony S. Fauci, the top U.S. infectious disease doctor, says a temporary shut down is important. And along with him, many doctors and health experts agreed to his statement.

However, some people worry about the poor and poverty emerging to a much disastrous condition. The harsh fallouts, impact on the economy and stress on people’s finances, are a few of the many things that we cannot forget from the 2020 lockdown. This is also why the government has left it open for states to decide on local lockdowns.

One of the options that can be taken into consideration is staggering the public transport, in the sense of limiting the number of people who can crowd on a bus or train.

Ventilation is key, and people should not drop their masks. Religious gatherings, political events and other similar mass gatherings should also be regulated.

Lockdown is certainly not the favourite option, but it is still essential for the containment of this deadly virus. There are people who are yet to use a mask.

There are office where there is no sanitization.