Fuel rates may cross Rs 150 per litre


The fuel rates are going up on a daily basis. The rates are being increased at 35 paise per litre.

This is happening on a daily basis. If the prices go on increasing at a similar pace, we might see the petrol prices breaking the Rs 150 mark quite comfortably. However, this might not happen very soon. But steadily, we can expect the fuel prices to go all-time high.

The LPG rates are also going up. Both LPG and fuels are like essential commodities for the common man. The ladies are feeling the pinch in the kitchen while the fuel rates are making a big hole into the pocket of the commueters.

There is talk that the fuel rates which have reached around Rs 112 per litre will slowly cross the Rs 150 mark. But the people are not coming out and protesting over the fuel rates.

During the Congress regime, the community used to come out for a rising of 10 paise. But now the LPG rates are going up by Rs 25 and the cylinder is almost reaching 900 rupees per refill.

The subsidy portion is just Rs 50 which is nothing. The fuel rates are adding fuel to the fire called price rise of the essential commodities.