Free water is a big discussion in Hyderabad

cm kcr

People are discussing the GHMC election manifest presented by the TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao. All the designated slums will get free water, but what about the colonies where there are houses with just one family in them.

They don’t consume more water, they consume under the stipulated norms specified by the Chief Minister KCR. That is 20000 litres. How do you measure the water is a big question?

Most of the people in the city are saying that they use very less water. They want get into the free water scheme. Of course apartments will not come into the free scheme.

But some apartments have a single tap and they dont get water to the extent prescribed by the Government. They get on alternate days. 15 days water may not measure up to 20000 litres specified by the Government.

Now people should have metres on compulsory basis. While the BJP and the Congress says that the TRS manifesto is like old wine in a new bottle, people in the slum areas are very happy.

They need not pay the water bill. They can save Rs 300 on monthly basis. The film industry people are also very happy. They can rise the ticket rates. Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna have thanked the Chief Minister for the same.

Some others said that due to pressure from the BJP , the TRS is forced to give all the free schemes. Crowds are coming in large numbers to the KTR road shows. KTR is getting good response in his meetings. The people are responding very well.