The Forest department is making all-out arrangements for the Medaram jathara. The Kumbh Mela of Telangana entirely is organised and happens in the forest area.

So the forest department and the police are arranging security according to the needs. More than a crore pilgrims from the Telugu state and across the country would be coming to Telangana for the Mela.

The forest guards are seeing to it that the area is no misused for hunting and other illegal purposes.

Minister for IT and Industries K Taraka Rama Rao has given a call that the pilgrims coming for the Myadaram jathara must not use plastic at all.The Jathara should be done without any plastic usage he suggested.

KTR also released an AV film which creates awareness among the public to stop the usage of Plastic and prevent the environment from getting polluted.

Medaram jathara is being called as the Kumb Mela of Telangana. Lakhs of people would come to the Jathara in February. It is celebrated on 5,6,7nth of next month.

The State Government is leaving no stone unturned for the celebrations. The district collector has been suggested to make all-out arrangements for the event.