The Floor test to prove the majority by the BJP Government is fixed for 27nth at 5 Pm. The proceedings will be live.

The court yesterday has reserved the verdict on the Maharashtra politics. it was like giving one more day to the BJP. Congress called it the murder of democracy.

The NCP, Congress and Sena claimed that they have the affidavits of the 154 MLAs and they must get the opportunity to form the Government. The judgement will be pronounced at 10.30 tomorrow. Protem speaker will be appointed to oversee the floor test.

Satyamaeva Jayathe Tweets the NCP.

They called the Fadnavis government an illegitimate one. The Congress is hopeful that the law of the land would be upheld by the court. The BJP and Ajit power have no numbers the opposition claimed.

Meanwhile, the MLAs of the NCP, Congress and Sena are kept in hotels are being watched from time to time. NCP claims that they have more than 40 MLAs.

The order on the Maha tangle has been reserved for Tuesday after hearing the case from both the sides for about 80 minutes. The Judge rapped one of the advocates of the opposition to leave the decision to the judges.

Fadnavis has time up to 5 PM on 27nth to get the numbers. The Court has given some time to the Government to prove the majority on the floor of the house.