Financial Emergency?

cm kcr

Will there be a Financial Emergency? Taking the serious account of Corona Virus into consideration there is every chance that the central Government might clamp down Emergency across the country.

Similarly, the State Governments will also be advised to observe Financial restrictions so that there will not be any trouble in the near future. Most of the essential commodities are under hoarding in many states. The rates of the vegetables go over the rooftop. There are no restrictions on the surging prices of the essential commodities.

The grocery items are in scarce. There is no demand for non-veg items, while there is heavy demand for the Vegetables. Tomatoes are being sold at Rs 100 a Kg while onions are being sold from Rs 50 to Rs 80 a Kg.

KCR has called for an emergency meeting here at Pragathi Bhavan. The Modi Government is looking into the modalities of how to observe the financial emergency.

Next 6montsh is very crucial for the Indian Government. While Telangana is better when compared to other states, all other sates are reeling under some kind of financial trouble or the other.