devendra fadnavis Resign


In a surprising move, the CM of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis has resigned and submitted it to the Governor. Fadnavis said that he was pained by the way Shiv Sena has approached the NCP and Congress party to form the Government.

Fadnavis said that they were ready to give Deputy CM to Sena but Sena adopted a wrong procedure to go away from the BJP. Fadnavis said that he was pained by the Uddhav comment of Options open. There was no 50/50 option at all clarified Fadnavis.

Amit Shah the BJP chief said that there was no decision on the 50/50 equation. But so far Sena leaders have not met the BJP leaders.

They met the Congress and the NCP leaders which is uncalled for said Fadnavis. Fadnavis called Uddhav, but he did not reply so far. Seana comment on PM is unacceptable Fadnavis he stated. We never talked against Babasaheb or Uddhav explained Fadnavis.

Even our enemies did not make such comments like Uddhav against PM Modi he said. Fadnavis also assured that there will no horse-trading from the BJP side. The Sena MLAs are already camping in a hotel to avoid any MLA from going to BJP. The BJP will not tolerate the way Sena is dealing and making statements he said.