While the other parts of Nation are looking at the sky for rains, the weather department has warned Mumbai that there could be extremely heavy rains for the next two days. That is on 4th and 5th. More than 200mm of rain per day is expected in various parts of Mumbai. Last night two people died and 20 went missing when a dam breached into the village due to heavy floods.

The rains will definitely hamper the day to day life of the people and the district collectors have advised the people to stay indoors. But the good news is that some trains have resumed services, while some others are waiting for a green signal from the department.

One runway in Mumbai is operating while the main runway is yet to become functional. The flying time of around 200 flights has been changed and some got delayed. The airport is still in Chaos and the main runway will be operational after Thursday it is reported.

In a 12 hour stretch, Mumbai received more than 400mm rain according to the latest estimates. More than 30 people were killed in various incidents.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is moving from pillar to post to monitor the situation from time to time. The PMO is also monitoring the rains in Mumbai and reporting to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.