Even Nature is favouring Telangana

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Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao has conveyed his greetings to people in the State on the occasion of Ugadi (Telugu Plavanama New Year). He said as predicted in the Telugu Almanac that there would be more importance given to the flow of water this New Year, water for irrigation would be available in abundance in the State. He said it is a good omen that even the nature seems to be favouring the government’s vision in this regard.

The CM said Ugadi is well known as the beginning of the agriculture year and primarily a festival of farmers. The CM said Ugadi welcomes the end of Fall and beginning of the Spring season and it ushers in a new enthusiasm. Farmers start their agriculture operations beginning with the New Year and it is a very integral part of farmers’ lives.

The CM said it is also part of the age-old tradition that on Ugadi festival day people consume the special preparation, the Ugadi Pacchadi. It is made of fresh Neem flowers, Tamarind, Raw Mango, Sugarcane and other ingredients which symbolizes various tastes from sweet, sour to bitter and this itself signifies various divergent experiences one encounters in the daily life. The Ugadi Pacchadi is eaten often recalling the ups and downs in life.

The people in Telangana who tasted bitterness under the united AP rule are now enjoying the sweet fruits under the Telangana State’s self rule. The CM reminded that water is harnessed, stored and then pumped to the higher planes above the Mean Sea level, through lifts, tunnels, canals and Barrages by major projects like the Kaleswaram and making the dream of one crore acre fertile lands in the State a reality. The project has won appreciation from many quarters.

Even at the peak of summer season tanks are brimming with water and helping farmers in the state to get bumper yields. The CM said that during the Corona pandemic times, the state government itself purchased the agriculture produce from the farmers and came to the rescue of farmers. Proving the critics wrong, the Telangana state stood first in the country in Paddy yield and in the extent of land under cultivation.

The CM said schemes like Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bhima have instilled confidence among the farmers, their families and they brought in new hopes for them. The Telangana government had shouldered the responsibility of farmers from sowing to harvesting of the crops. To unite and coordinate farmers, the state government has formed Rythu Bandhu Samithies all over the state and constructed Rythu Vedikas in almost all the villages.

The agriculture profession, which labelled as a waste profession under the united AP, is now turned out to be a profitable profession under the Telangana state. The government is also giving top priority to all the agriculture-allied professions.

The CM said that the government is spending about Rs 50,000 Crore a year on several welfare programmes and schemes launched for the farmers and agriculture welfare including loan waiver, 24-hour free power supply etc., The CM said it is the aim of the government to bring happiness among the farmers lives and make them lead comfortable lives.