Mayor Bonthu Rammohan

Entire Hyderabad cannot be considered as the Red zone said the Hyderabad Mayor Bonthu Rammohan. Talking to a TV channel he said that all the containment areas can be seriously taken as red zones.

Nit all Hyderabad will become red on hee explained. Bonthu also clarified that the liquor shops are not open in the containment arrears. Even in red zones where there is no containment the, liquor shops are open.


Talking about the migrant workers, they are bound to come back after the Corona effect Bonthu explained. Some workers are staying back and are also participating in the construction work he explained.

The people are being monitored in containment zones and they are being supplied with the essential commodities and also the required medicines he said.

Soon the containment areas will turn into green zones he started. According to the regulations of the central guidelines, Hyderabad is in the red zone he agreed. Even IN Hyderabad here are areas where there isn’t Corona he explained.