Emerald sweets Vijayaram enters TTD:Food business


Vijayaram who started his career with an advertisement agency from Hyderabad cultivated contacts with his drawing abilities. Later he started Emerald sweets from a small outlet on the boundary wall of Indira Park near Vijaya Ganapathi Temple.

Now he has turned into a Natural farming expert. He sells organic products from his Indira Park Emerald sweets outlet. The man who was a drawing master, running an advertisement agency, started selling sweets and now is an agriculture expert in the name of organic farming.

He was also with Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan in his farmhouse for some time. Now the latest is that he is guiding the TTD board members to serve food to the pilgrims with Organic food items.

According to Vijayram, now being called as the Natural Farming Expert from Vikarabad who has been working hard to bring awareness among the farming fraternity on the benefits of natural farming using Desi cow products said, ”the intention is to bring back heydays for our Desi cows and natural farming techniques which used to have been flourished across India some centuries ago.

“After many decades of waiting, we are very happy that a world-renowned religious organization like TTD has come forward to encourage the mission he said. We are confident that this will bring a revolution in the Natural farming technique with Desi Cow products”, he opined.

But when it comes to reality the rural masses who love large quantities of white rice with Steaming Sambar and curd, in the end, may not like this so-called sampradaya food.

This is nothing but Vijayaram Vijayaram the so-called expert will push his organic produce into the TTD requirements. There is a talk that there could be some commercial agreement between TTD and Vijayaram.

Vijayaram is a supplier of the so-called Organic products.