The CM K Chandrasekhar Rao said that the state economic growth is excellent and has been registering consistently on an average 17.01 % growth rate during the last four years. He said this financial year so far, the state own tax revenue growth rate registered 29.97%. He said we are also number one in the country in the GSDP. The CM said that during the next five years the government would spend Rs 10 lakh crore and hence we should grow more. The CM told the officers that we should start thinking out of box way and obtain better results. He said that against the background of discussion the officers should move forward and share the ideas, best practices and then arrive at a decision.

KCR said that food processing should be a combined effort in which IKP- women group members and others are to be involved and should be engaged in the positive line. The CM suggested that to begin with 6 to 7 Mandals are to be taken as a pilot and a make a success story by involving all the stakeholders like IKP groups. He said that the proposed agenda to be followed by big brainstorming and series of workshops. The CM said that the officers should also study all the schemes on food processing at the government of India level as well as try to download some international best practices and experiences.

KCR said that the government is ready to spend any amount of money for learning. For successful food processing units to be started, the CM told the officers to go to any part of the world for learning the best practices. He suggested that the 45 lakh members of IKP belonging to 4.1 lakh groups should be given vigorous training, to begin with.