Eat these things to buildup your Immunity

buildup your Immunity

Building up the immunity of your body is important. A person gets a viral fever or any other disease as the power of the immunity goes down. Doctors say that the C vitamin builds up the immunity of the body. Immunity is otherwise called as the resistance power. That is the power to resist diseases and viral fevers. You can have foods that will directly give the said immune power to the body. What should we eat is the question.

buildup your Immunity

1. Grapes, oranges and fresh lime contain a lot of C vitamin. This builds up the immunity in the body. C vitamin prevents cough and cold apart from the viral fevers.

2. Garlic and ginger are taken by us in the curries. But we must cultivate the habit of having raw ginger and garlic in various forms. This will build up immunity in the body to a larger extent. They prevent various infections in the initial stages.

3. Palak and Curd contain a lot of antioxidants and this keeps the body clean and prevents it from getting infections of various kinds.

4. Corriander and curry leaves or Murray leaves that is karyapak also has a lot of medicinal properties. They help the digestive system a lot.

buildup your Immunity

5. Badam also has got a lot of vitamin and fibre. It also protects the body from infections and keeps it immune. It has A and C vitamins.

6. Papaya, green Tea, green vegetables and turmeric build up the immunity in the body. They help the body build a firewall for the well being of the human being.

7. Tomatoes are very good for the stomach and they keep the stomach clean. We can have tomatoes in the form of juice also. They are better than apples and powerful than the apples.