Eat mangoes with a limit

Eat mangoes

This mango season. But people with Sugar that is diabetes have doubts if they should eat mangoes or not. But eating them moderately is no issue say, experts.

Doctors generally recommend al the fruits but in limited. One must not take an excess of fruits also. All the fruits contain some amount of Sugar, but they must be preferred in place of snacks.

Ther are some experts in sugar who say that eating manures helps reduce the Glycemic index of a person with diabetes. How far is that true only the experts know?

But eating the fruits of the seasons, in general, keeps you healthy. So take the fruits including the mangoes in the limit. But eating fruits is not the only thing one must do. They must go for exercise also on a daily basiOne must go for a walk at least for half an hour on a daily basis.

So enjoy the mangoes for this season.