There are lot of myths about eating fat. In some cases eating fat is must especially the sports persons. Now a new study has found out that eating fat is good for sex life. If you want to have good sex and tirggering for sex then you must have fat diet that is what research says.

You might be surprised to learn that your sex hormones are produced from cholesterol in the body. We eat an average of 146 pounds of flour and 152 pounds of sugar per person per year in America, which spikes insulin, driving the storage of belly fat, increasing estrogen in men (belly fat cells produce more estrogen) and sending their testosterone levels plummeting.


This leads to low sex drive, sexual dysfunction, muscle loss, loss of body hair, and man boobs! For most men, cutting out the carbs and boosting fats fixes the problem without having to resort to hormone replacement. Low-fat diets can cause women to stop menstruating or to experience irregular, heavy periods and infertility.They can increase belly fat, raise testosterone levels, and trigger acne, facial hair, and hair loss on the head, whereas highfat, lowcarb diets can reverse all that.