Eat boiled vegetables only


This is the rainy season, so there is every chance of getting viral diseases. It is always safe and better to have only hot food items. Don’t take stale food. Doctors always recommend raw vegetables for good health, but this season it is not right to take them. Better to boil the vegetables and take them.

Even in the rainy season, it is better to take the food in small quantities rather than dumping it three times. All the vegetables should be washed before they are boiled.

These days we are getting green leaves grown under dirty waters and they are very bad for health. Green vegetables are also not safe in the rainy season. Don’t take the vegetables in the form of Salads in this season. They must be washed rinsed and boiled before they are consumed.

Even the non-vegetarian that you get home must be washed and boiled properly to remove the bacteria from the surface.

Do not store the food for the next day. Any food should be taken fresh and hot. Having fresh soups is also good for this season. Nuts are all the more, better for this season. Instead of taking oily snacks better go for nuts. Groundnuts boiled and fried are very good for health.