Driverless car kills a woman

Uber Technologies are forced to stop all its tests of the autonomous vehicles as one of the cars hit a woman in Arizona and she died in the accident. This is the first death after Uber started testing the driverless cars or the autonomous vehicles.

Elaine Herzberg the old lady was crossing the road when the Uber car operating without a driver struck her resulting in the death according to the Tempe police,

Soon after the accident, the lady was rushed to the local hospital but she could not survive the injuries.Uber officials are cooperating with the police.

Driverless car kills a woman

Uber and other companies trying to operate and introduce the driverless vehicles must look into various aspects before introducing these autonomous vehicles. They must also not test these vehicles on the regular roads till they are certified and are found safe. Safety must be first looked into rather than coming up will new technologies.

At the same, time the Hyperloop technology also must be tested before the so-called trains are introduced as they operate in tubular enclosures in a vacuum. AP and Maharashtra are trying this hyperloop trains in the name of speed.