Whether it is soup, cornflakes, fruits or anything else, eating only one food for each of your three meals for weeks and weeks can lead to more harm than good. This is because your body will be devoid of a lot of nutrients.

This means that you won’t lose weight and the only change will be in your metabolism will get really slow to your body once you quit the diet.

Dont repeat the same food

Skipping meals and specially a breakfast could be the worst thing in your diet plan. Eating reading a book, watching TV or working on your laptop are all equally bad and can add to your weight quickly. A single bite of your partner’s or daughter’s ice-cream and a slice of cake at the party can send your diet program awry.

Foods that are low on fat aren’t necessarily low on calories. So binge eating on such packets that claim they are ‘low fat’ or only contain ‘trans fat’ isn’t going to help you