Dont panic says Mahmood Ali

Mahmood Ali

Mohd Mahmood Ali, Minister for Home, Government of Telangana reviewed Lockdown bandobust of Cyberabad Commissionerate at Hitech City Cyber Towers . Sri VC Sajjanar, IPS., Commissioner Of Police, Cyberabad, DCP Madhapur Sri Venkateswara Rao, IPS., Women and Children Safety Wing (WCSW) DCP Smt Anasuya, ADCP Crimes III Sri Ramachandrudu, Madhapur ACP Sri Shyamprasad rao, and other officers attended.

Home Minister visited Cyber Towers junction, Hi-tech city, Raidurgam police station and reviewed the situation in those centers, where Commissioner explained the vulnerable centres. Home Minister was briefed regarding the precautionary measures of Epidemic Disease COVID-19 in the region and the Raidurgam police station inspector Shri Ravinder, explained about how the 17 verticals would be used by Cyberabad police to deal with critical situation arising out of COVID 19 in the region.


Later, Shri Mohd Mahmood Ali also reviewed the functioning of all CCTV cameras of Raidurgam area to ensure the functionality of the system is smooth.

Home Minister explained how the state police is going to act as an active stakeholder to help in combating COVID- 19 infection.

There is no reason to panic, as the people are strictly adhering to lockdown Norms, I am sure in coming days the cases will come down. We have instructed the police not to use force on anyone who are found on the streets and are on their way to buy essentials” said Mohd Mahmood Ali.

Mohd Mahmood Ali

He said, Telangana police is the most friendly police in the country and would co-operate with the people in every possible way. Super market and shop owners have been instructed not to sell things at a higher rates, in the same way even people have been advised not to buy excessive ration leaving behind nothing for others to buy said Shri Mahmood Ali.

In the wake of spread of Corona virus infection, as instructed by Government of India and Telanagana Govt. lockdown period of 21 days has declared till 15th April. The Commissioner Of Police Shri VC Sajjanar, IPS and Shri Mohd Mahmood Ali urged the people to strictly follow the home quarantine by staying indoors and not roaming outside.

Some of the important points told by the Home Minister Shri Mohammed Mahmood Ali during the press conference included the following..