Don’t join money schemes -Caution to public

Don't join money schemes

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) money circulation scheme fraud of more than Rs.1200 crores cracked- CMD of FMLC Global marketing Pvt ltd. Radhe Shyam and another Surender Singh arrested. Rs 200 crores seized by (Economic Offences Wing) EOW of Cyberbad Police.

money circulation scheme fraud

Public is herewith cautioned not to join in any such illegal money circulation schemes by whatever by name called like Multi-Level Marketing, Network marketing, Direct marketing, Referral Marketing etc. Cyberabad Police reiterates the eternal fact of human life that there are no shortcuts to earn money or wealth.

The general public is hereby advised not to fall prey to the dubious schemes with offers of easy and quick money. The general public is advised to take the assistance of local police if they suspect any such activity involving the promise of easy and quick money.

Women are particularly targeted by these con companies with all false claims and blatant lies and if they fall for such promises, they will be exploited in many ways. People are cautioned that these companies approach them with various great looking schemes involve their kith & kin and ultimately exploit their social relations.

Cyberabad Police

Hence people are advised by Cyberabad Police not to get lured by such con companies and be vigilant in safeguarding their interest by providing information about such activities to the nearest Police Station. They should beware of MLM companies, Ponzi schemes, unregular chits & deposit companies and unbelievable offers etc.