Dont bother about Visas


These days people are not worried about Amnerican Visas and the new rules of Donald Trump the president elect who would taking up from January 20. People who returned from America after gaining experience at the Silicon Valley are pretty confident that they can convert Hyderabad and Cyberabad into another IT valley and that one need not crave for going to America.

The Dynamic IT Minister from Telangana K.T. Rama Rao, the son of the chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao , has also returned from America along with his sister Kavitha who is an MP. He is the man who is the backbone behind creating employment for the local youth in big companies. His assurances have brought huge investments into Hyderabad and the youth here have gained lot of employment.

Apple is as an example of how Hyderabad could absorb the thousands of workers in a potential future with far fewer H-1Bs – or without them altogether. Amazon is another company which giving lot of employment to the local youth.


“Apple is already moving their maps division here, and they’re doing that because we’re producing more G.I.S. talent than anyone else in the world,” KTR stated , referring to geographic information systems. “Ideally, a president of the United States would have a balanced perspective on business, but if he wants tech firms to stay, he should create better job readiness in the U.S.” the Minister opined.


KTR said that legislation targeting big Indian outsourcing companies would wean them away from their dependency on servicing American companies. Without the visa program, they would have to engage in new lines of work that created value in Hyderabad and not abroad, he said. And this is good for Hyderabad and also the creation of Bangaru Telangana. Why go to America when he do the same and get the same from Hyderabad.

Amit Jain, now the president of Uber India, is another returnee who used to be on an H-1B. He said that the influx of American companies, as well as a growing indigenous startup culture, could offer what Indians used to seek in the United States closer to home.


There is plenty of work here and people need not bother about the Visa issues being created by the Trump and his administration. The returnees here can guide the local youth in getting the same out put and one can stay with the family and contribute for the development of Telangana.