Dont blame Dhoni...

Former cricketer Syed Kirmani also said it was unfair to criticise Mahendra Singh Dhoni on various counts, including his keeping technique, adding he had produced results, which was more important.

“It is all about results. Those who are criticising Dhoni about his keeping and batting are not aware that he has produced results everywhere.

“That is the trend these days, we don’t want technique, but we want results,” he said.

Dont blame Dhoni...

He also lauded the Jharkhand stumper for the manner in which he had performed, led the side and carried himself over the years.

“He has taken the country to the top in all the formats, led from the front. Also, he has been a great ambassador for the country and has all the credentials of a great leader.

So why talk about his technique, when he has produced results,” the 68-year old Kirmani said about the former India captain.