Donald Trump

After a 30 minute conversation with Indian Prime Minister Modi, the USA president Donald Trump got in touch with the Prime Minister of Pakistan and suggested him to start a dialogue with India.

The issue is pertaining to the reorganisation of Jammu and Kashmir. It may be noted that earlier USA President has offered to mediate between India and Pakistan. While Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan agreed for the mediation by America, India clarified that they do not want any mediation by America.

Donald TrumpThe issue will be resolved between India and Pakistan the Indian Ministers clarified. Now the Indian Ministers have made it clear that the dialogue would only for POK in specific.

On the other hand, Trump opined that there was every need to reduce the tension between Pakistan and India. Trump opined that the peace must be maintained at any cost in the region and that there was every need for both the countries to sit and discuss the issues. Both Prime Minister Modi and USA President Trump had a detailed discussion over the matter.