Donald Trump behaves rudely

Donald Trump

The President of USA Donald Trump behaved rudely when he was asked as to why he di not do the lockdown earlier and delayed the process. He had no answer as to and could not take the blame on him.

It is purely a lapse on the part of the America Government that they di not act immediately after knowing about the Corona.

If they had clamped down early, they could have saved many lives in New York.

The Government acted lately, but Trump said that America is a different power and that they cannot lockdown fro one or two cases of Corona. He supported himself in the argument.

Blaming China and WHO, he ordered a cut in the allocation of funds to the WHO. It was unfortunate that the American President was not prepared to take the blame.

The media is discussing on the rude behaviour of Trump during the Press meet. He said that steps were being taken to control the Corona in Newyork city.