Display the Halal board-Meat sellers


The meat sellers in Delhi from on must display the Halal board. They must say if it is Halal meat or not.

The hotels and restaurants must also put the board if the food that they serve has halal meat or not. They cannot sell the meat without this board.

People, especially the Muslims believe in Halal meat and they don’t take it if it not Halal meat.
The Halal Meat or Jathka Meat is to be mentioned on the board. North Delhi Municipality has taken this decision.

North Delhi Mayor Prakash said that the shops in the area, restaurants would no longer be able to sell any meat and they must mention the Hala aspect on the boards.

There are areas such as Chandini Chowk, Durigaj, Kashmir Gate under the North Delhi Municipality where the boards are to be displayed. The Hindus, Sikhs Halal Mutton, hence, Jai Prakash said that they were concluded that the restaurants and meat shops in their area must have the Halal boards.

Jathka is called the process of sacrificing the animal with a single sword while the animal is slowly cut the throat in the halal method. Some people also offer prayers in the Halal method.