Mega Producer Dil Raju was said to be with Prime Minister Modi when the PM hosted the Film fraternity in the name of Mahatma Gandhi. Modi wanted the filmmakers and the heroes to show ways and means to propagate the ideology of Bapuji.

The other day Upasana Konidela the wife of Ramcharan has written a letter to Modi that the South and Tollywood was neglected by Modi. But the reality is that Dil Raju was there from Tollywood.

These days Dil Raju is also in Bollywood busy with the remake of Jersey and one more movie. So that way Dil might have got the invitation the industry people believe.


But many of them are disappointed that bigwigs like Chiranjeevi from Tollywood and Rajini from Tamilnadu were ignored by the Prime Minister. Some others said that it could be a morphed photo.

But there are many photos where Dil Raju is behind Prime Minister Modi. But all said and done Modi definitely has ignored the South and also the Tollywood industry.

Now Dil Raju has to confirm he was really with Modi or was it a morphed photo.