dil raju
Dil Raju the mega-producer said that 3 Telugu films have given dates before 6 months and they deserve the cinema theatres first for Sankranthi. Then we can think about the Rajinikanth’s dubbed Petta as it was decided just 3 weeks ago.
Dil Raju was reacting to Ashok Vallabhaneni who said that the Telugu producers who are behaving like Mafia should be shot dead. This is all cheap talk he brushed aside.
The first priority will be for NTR,F2 and Vinaya Vidheya Rama he said. These are 3 straight Telugu films planning for release since last 6 months for Sankranthi. For  Sankranthi, dubbing movies will not get the priority he clarified. 
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The films are of Balakrishna, Venkatesh and Ram Charan. One from Mega family, the other from Nandamuri family and the third one from Ramanaidu and Suresh family. They have blocked the theatres for Sankranthi and that is final. Petta has got few theatres and Ashok the man who has taken the dubbing rights is shouting from the rooftop for theatres. 
Dil Raju openly said a big no and dismissed it as a dubbing move and not a Telugu movie. There are allegations that 4 people were controlling the theatres in the Telugu film industry and that they were not allowing the small budget movies to survive. But 4 movie makers have a different story altogether about the economics and the viability of the films.