dil raju srinivasa kalyanam

After doing several hit movies and making a name in the Industry, it looks like DilRaju is losing the grip over the movies. Yesterdays Srinivasa Kalyanam was a drag preaching traditions. The so-called assessment team of Dil Raju and his family failed again. They are losing the Midas touch.

Earlier people used to talk about Ramanidu and Suresh Babu about the assessment of a movie. Then we talked about Allu Aravind and his testing ability of a movie and for making right corrections here and there. The both Suresh productions and Gita Arts failed in this art and they left it to the audience.

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They said no one really knows what is the right kind of formula. Then came Dil Raju and his team who assessed and corrected movies to become a hit. Now they also lost that grip. Finally, we can say that no one knows what is the right combination for a movie.

These days even Dil Raju became used to the movies and he is unable to find out what goes well with the audience. Srinivasa Kalyanam is a drag even for the family members leave alone the masses. When Ramanaidu the movie mogul himself admitted that there is no formula for success, what can Dil Raju do?

It is the same with RGV, Puri or anyone in the future. You cannot get success all the time. Failures are part of life..

u srinivas