Did Jeeyar Swamy fix the Muhurat for KTR


There is a talk that Jeeyar Swamy has fixed the Muhurat for K Taraka Rama Rao to take over from KCR his father. There are rumours in the political corridors that Once the Yagnam and re-launch of Yadadri are completed, KCR will give away the power to KTR.

That is the reason he is planning a mammoth meeting in Warangal and KTR is taking the meeting of district committees in a systematic fashion.

Now KCR wants to move to Delhi once the Office gets ready. KTR earlier tried to take over from KCR, but failed as the situation was not conducive.

Now they are aiming at it again. KCR has almost completed his dream project Yadadri with 2000 crore and is ready to launch it. Now Yadadri is getting Gold in KGs as a donation for the Gold covering of the dome over the Temple.

KCR has given 1.6KG gold. Many industrialists are also donating the Gold in KGs. This is for the first time it is happening. There is no doubt KTR will be an able administrator like KCR.

There was a talk on Cabinet expansion, but nothing was done so far. Now KCR said that there will be no snap polls. This is to assure the Ministers and cadres that they will be in power for the next two years.

We have to see what happens after the launch of Yadadri. But one thing is for real that KCR will remain in History with the re-construction of the Temple.