Did Akhila Priya order for Kidnap ?

Akhila Priya

The city police of Hyderabad have more or less cracked the Hafizpet Kidnap case. They were right to name Akhila Priya as A1. The men who were arrested by the police and lodged in Chenchalgua Jail confined that Akhila was the master behind this Kidnap case.

The police are planning to reconstruct the scheme here at Praveen Raos house. Meanwhile Guntur Seenu and Bhargav Ram the other accused are still absconding and the police are on look out or them in other states.

They are already searching in Goa and Pune for Bhargav Ram. The police have apprehensions that Seenu could be in any of the religious places in the Telugu states.

They have already informed to the sources in Tirumala, Shirdi and also Yadadri. There is a talk that two high profile people are negotiating with the family members of Akhila Priya and Praveen Rao to see that the land goes to the My Home Group and that all parties will be benefitted.

Then the issue will be settled out of the Court. The police are arguing with court to see that Akhila Priya will not get the bail. The Court has already refused the bail for Akhila Priya.