Dialogue is the only alternative: Trump

Donald Trump

American President Donald Trump has suggested that further military activity between India and Pakistan will worsen the situation. They must sit and talk to resolve the issue he opined.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan also wants a dialogue between the two countries. Two countries with Nuke power should not wage a war he opined. He has offered to talk with India over the issue.

On the other hand, India has already sent a dossier with evidence of JEM involvement in the Pulwama attack and wanted Pakistan to act over the issue. Pak PM said that if India can cross the LOC, Pakistan also can do the same. He said that India could not do any major damage in Pakistan and that they also did not any damage in India.

The US has suggested that all the cross border military activity should be stopped immediately. Both countries must start direct communication to defuse the situation.

It has to be seen what would be the next step from Indian authorities. The Indian authorities have suggested Pakistan, that they must send the Indian soldier back. One of the Indian soldiers was held captive by the Pakistan army.

The US authorities have suggested that both the foreign ministers from Pakistan and India must hold talks and avoid further military activity.