Dhonis mother worried?


MS Dhoni the popular cricketer has put the Indian fans under confusion. Thre is no proper information on his playing cricket for the future. Is he in or is he out of the cricket is the real question.

Dhonis mother Devaki was unhappy with the way Dhoni appeared on twitter with a sal and pepper beard. She said that Dhoni is not that old to sport the salt and pepper beard.
He was seen jogging with his daughter Zivan in his green lawns at Ranchi in front of his house.

Majority of them did not like the way Dhoni has appeared on twitter with the old look. A few of hem supported the look by saying that it is vintage look so on and so forth.

Talking on the retirement his mother Devaki said that Dhoni knows what to do. But Ziva, as usual, looked very energetic.