Dhoni with macaw enjoying chai in a glass


Like popular director Puri Jagannath from Tollywood, Dhoni the cricketer also loves birds and dogs. Puri also has Macaws that is birds like parrots in a different colour and also dogs.

Dhoni was seen playing with the security dogs in a stadium. Dhoni has 4 dogs in his Ranchi farmhouse and also bikes that he likes most. The other day he was filmed by his wife Sakshi where he has a macaw on his shoulder and drinking chai in a glass.

Usually, we see celebrities taking chai in a cup. But here we see him with a glass where we can see the chai also. The photo and video shot by Saakshi are viral.

Dhoni is still in shape after winning the IPL and was doing the role of a mentor for the cricket team. But the Indians lost the match miserably. They could not qualify.

Sometimes Dhoni can be seen going on his bikes in open. He was fined sometimes for not wearing the helmet. Let’s see what is in store for Dhoni.