Dhoni must play an aggressive game


If Dhoni wants to continue in the Indian team he must play an aggressive game opined former Cricketer Azharuddin. Azharuddin who is getting ready to contest for the HCA elections said that the political interference in the HCA must be removed. He found fault with the BCCI for encouraging former TRS leader Vivekanand. Now Vivekanand is looking at BJP.

Azhar who could not contest earlier is now ready to contest the HCA elections and said that there should be no political interference in the election also here in the HCA.


Earlier Azhar could not contest in the HCA elections as he could not prove that there was no ban continuing on him. Azhar also found fault with the BCCI for not selecting Ambai Rayfdu for the World cup. He opined that Ambati Raydu was a good aggressive player and that would have made a lot of difference for the team.

Even of Dhoni played his natural aggressive game it would have benefitted for the team he opined. it has to be seen if Azhar would get elected for the HCA post this time.