DGP praises Rachakonda police


While some police at the lower level are misbehaving with the people here and there, there are police who are coming to the rescue other people just on a phone call during the lockdown period.

CP Sajjanar has helped around 200 people with groceries with the help of the Lions club. They were all construction workers and other types of daily wage workers who were waiting for help.

Sajjnar took the help of the lions club and gave them daily needs. This is praiseworthy. In the same fashion, Rachakonda police on a call from a poor family helped them with daily groceries.

The news reached DGP and he was happy that is police were doing charity here and there apart from the regular law and order work.

In some places, the police are losing control and begin up the public on the road. This should be avoided.

KTR the Minister for IT has already warned the Minister for Homa and also the DGP over this matter. Vanaparthy SP has responded and apologised to the public over this matter.