Devendar Goud a power leader from Telangana is all set to join the BJP along with his son Virendar. Devendar is a powerful leader in the state and also from the Gowda community. He was the Home Minister and also revenue minister in the cabinet of the TDP and worked with NTR and Chandrababu. Devendar who joined the PRP later started his own party for Telangana and later rejoined the TDP become a Rajya Saha member.

His son Virendra could not win the recent election and now he is also joining the BJP along with his father it is reported. Now that many TDP MPs have joined the TDP, Devendar also thought it fit to join the party.

A TDP MP has negotiated the joining of Devendar Goud and his son it is reported. They were also assured of the MLA and an MP seat of their choice it is learnt. Devendar is in real estate business and is a crorepati from the RR district. It may be recalled that Devendar was responsible in beating up Asadddin Owais in front of Charminar when he was the Home Minister. The issue rocked the AP Assembly then.

MIM MP Owaisis was beaten up in front of Charminar when the TDP was in governance and Devendar was the Minister for Home. Now Devendar is all set to join the BJP.