harish rao


Minister for Finance Harish Rao suggested that Sericulture must be developed in a big way in the state and that Telangana must be able to export silk soon.

Harish Rao was talking with the farmers of the Sericulture at Siddipet along with Minister Niranjan Reddy. The quality fo silk should be unique and good so that people would give ti a good rate.

He said that KCR is always for the welfare of the farming community and that the farmers involved in the sericulture will get all the assistance from the Government.

He was confident that the Siddipet farmers will definitely make a mark in the Sericulture. He wanted the farmers to come up with a detailed report so that the Government would provide all the required assistance to them.

Minister opined that the extent of silk cultivation must increase so that the income for the farmers would also increase in the near future. It was found that the income on mango cultivation was less than that of the sericulture.

So there was every need for the increase of sericulture in the state of Telangana.