Delhi under Garbage- Mumbai underwater

The Supreme Court has found fault with the State Government for not doing anything to dispose of the Solid Waste. They said that the Delhi was burying under garbage and pollution from time to time but the Government is not doing anything the court said. At the same time, they also pointed out that the Mumbai was under the water since several days making it a hell for the day to day life of citizens but the state Government us yet to do something the court pointed out.


Earlier some Governments were also fined by the court for not disposing of the solid waste and also for not making any arrangements for the disposal of this waste from time to time. The court opined that the state Government must make long-term arrangements to see that environment is protected. Delhi is getting chocked by the day due to air pollution and there is no respite to the citizens of Mumbai from heavy rains due to lack of proper drainage system.

So far 10 states and UTs were fined by courts for not revealing the strategies on the system of the solid waste management. If we intervene you name it as Judicial activism if we don’t point out you leave the public in the lurch and spoil the ecosystem and environment the Judges commented.

This will be the last chance for the states to comply with the rules, otherwise, we will have to name and call the chief secretaries of the respective states the Court warned.