Defame Chandra Babu in the name of Lokesh


Prashant Kishore wants to see that the TDP will not get any sympathy from the voters for Chandrababu this time in the coming elections. The idea is to tell people by mouth campaign that if Chandrababu wins, Lokesh will be the next CM who is a Pappu of no use to the people.

They want to project Chandrababu as an old man and has no strength to take the AP forward in terms of Development. But the TDP people are clever than the PK, they are local.

They are promising that if TDP wins, Chandrababu will be the next CM and he has 14 years of experience and was kingmaker at the centre many times.

There is a talk that Junior NTR will make a come back into the TDP.

It looks like the AP political parties are already gearing up for the next elections. They are fighting likes bulls in the open. They are expecting a midterm poll.

Here in Telangana, KCR the CM has ruled out a midterm poll. But people don’t take him for granted. If he says no, it is like yes. He will go to the polls in advance to counter the BJP.

That is the reason he is holding a mammoth rally with about 10 people in Warangal. He has done a plenary in Hyderabad and fixed the responsibilities to the district leadership.